COLOURFUL packets of cannabis sweets have seized during drug searches.

Multiple illegal packets of vibrant cannabis pouches were found during raids.

Off-brand named pouches included ‘Cannaburst’, a play on Starburst, and ‘Zkittlez Cake’, a play on Skittles.

A spokesperson for Purbeck Police said: “Purbeck NPT carried out proactive drugs investigations in Swanage this morning.

“Quantities of cannabis were seized from a number of addresses.

“These colourful pouches are used to store cannabis and other drugs. Parents, please be aware if you should find these in your children’s possession. 

“We found quite a collection this morning.

“After our proactive address checks for drugs this morning in Swanage.  Someone appears to have dropped some wraps in Days Park.

“Not ideal given the how many children use this space on a regular basis. They’ll be sent for destruction shortly.  In the meantime, please keep the drugs intel coming in, we’ve had a good day of it.”