A former Labour South Dorset MP has joined the campaign trail in the Weymouth area.

Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for South Dorset, Lloyd Hatton, was joined  on the campaign trail by the party's last MP for the area, Jim Knight

Mr Knight, joined Mr Hatton as they listened to constituents across Chickerell and Upwey. 

The pair made the case for a fresh start - with a local Labour MP working hand-in-hand with a potential Labour government. 

Born and raised in Weymouth, Mr Hatton went to local schools - Holy Trinity and All Saints - and grew up playing rugby at Weymouth RFC and worked at the Marlboro fish and chip shop by the Harbour. 

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Independent polling shows that South Dorset will be a close two horse race between Labour and the Conservatives when voters go to the polls at the upcoming general election on Thursday July 4. 

On the campaign trail, Mr Hatton said: “The message in South Dorset is clear, we’re all fed up after 14 years of chaos with the Conservatives.

"Our community clearly remembers Jim, and the positive difference a hardworking MP can make.

"If I'm fortunate enough to be elected next month, I want to be a local champion for South Dorset who will give our community a strong voice once again.”

After meeting with constituents, Mr Knight added: “It's been great joining Lloyd on the campaign trail this weekend. South Dorset has been badly let down by a distant Conservative MP. Lloyd will deliver a fresh start for South Dorset, and I urge everyone to put their trust in him to be our next MP.”