CAMPERS on the Isle of Purbeck have said they left to go home in the middle of the night after an 'extremely loud' rave.

A family of campers had to leave the Isle of Purbeck to go home at 1am on June 9 after they were disturbed by an 'extremely loud' rave which made it impossible to sleep. 

Alexis Drayson, 42, from Poole, and her family stayed on Burnbake Campsite, near Studland and believed it was on-site originally before it continued on long into the night. 

She said: "We were having a peaceful evening on the campsite and got back from a lovely walk. We noticed the loud music and thought it was on-site so figured it would get turned off.

"We settled into our tent at 9pm and there usual hustle and bustle of a campsite which covered the loud music to a degree. To fell asleep and woke up at 11:30-12:00.

"The music felt louder and like it was very close given how loud it was. When I left the tent to explore it was apparent that the music was coming from off-site."

Alexis and her family left the site to drive home frustrated by the incident and complained the Purbecks 'no longer offers the peace and quiet it used to'.

Despite the upset, she stated the campsite had been nothing but gracious as hosts and apologised even though it wasn't their fault. 

She said: "The campsite replied to my email and was lovely. They apologised even though it wasn’t their fault.

"The Purbecks are getting busier generally, Knoll Beach and Studland being busier than a few years ago. Now this and the raves reported in previous years, we feel that the Purbecks no longer offers peace and quiet it used to."

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: "At 11.48pm on Saturday 8 June 2024, Dorset Police was made aware of a gathering of around 30 to 40 people playing loud music in the Corfe Castle area.

"Officers attended and carried out searches to locate the group. Following interaction with the group, it was established that no trespassing had occurred and the music was turned down.

"No further reports were received and officers re-attended during the day on Sunday 9 June 2024 and it was confirmed that the music had stopped."