ONE of Dorset Council’s top officers is to leave the authority in September.

Executive Director of Children’s Services, Theresa Leavy has been with the council for five years and is widely acknowledged to have led a successful campaign to improve a range of services.

After a short break which will be taking on work across the country around the delivery of children’s services.

In a message to councillors and staff chief executive Matt Prosser said:  “She leaves a fabulous legacy of achievement and bright hope for the future delivery of services for our children and young people, with a highly motivated and strong team that she has personally developed in Children’s Services but has also had massive impact across the organisation and the wider public sector system.”

Ms Leavy said she is leaving the post with both sadness and gratitude for the time she has had in the county.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my five years in Dorset, and I trust and believe that we have made huge strides during that time in improving the service to children and their families across the County.”

She thanked colleagues for their support, kindness and dedication and says the service will remain in safe hands.

“Dorset is an extraordinary place – it wasn’t always seen as such, but I know that locally and nationally the work you do is recognised and applauded.”