TWO men who were left screaming for help after being battered against rocks in rough seas have thanked a boat crew for saving their lives.

Laura Randall operates coastal tours with Jurassic Rib Rides, with boats running between Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door.

She told how she came to the rescue of two men who had become stranded on rocks. The pair had been snorkelling near Stair Hole, Lulworth when the sea turned rough and they were thrown into the rocks by the waves.

They thanked Laura and her team for their "life-saving" efforts.

Laura said: "On Thursday afternoon (June 27) at around 4pm, we got a call from the RNLI to look out for two people in the water.

"Because we run rib rides in that area, we are often asked to keep our eyes out and we help if we can.

"We passed Stair Hole on the other side of Lulworth and we saw two young men on the rocks screaming for help.

Stair Hole near LulworthStair Hole near Lulworth (Image: Laura Randall)

"They were being banged against the rocks and they had gone blue, they were so cold.

"I managed to throw a line out and got them onto the rib.

"We then let the coastguard know they were ok."

She added: "On Thursday it was a calm morning so they went swimming near Stair Hole, as they were swimming the wind picked up and the conditions were quite rough. People wouldn't normally be out in those conditions but it changed whilst they were in the sea.

"They were both absolutely fine afterwards and they did not need to go to hospital, but they left us a nice review online."

The rib out at seaThe rib out at sea (Image: Laura Randall)

In an online review, one of the rescued men called the rib crew "life savers".

He wrote: "Not quite a tour review, but these guys were quite literal life savers.

"A friend and I were snorkelling in the Stair Hole area during some pretty rough waters and got knocked about a few rocks and into the side of the cliff.

"We managed to climb onto the cliff where we were temporarily stranded.

"After contemplating fighting the same water that just bashed us, we decided to wave for 20 minutes to sightseers along the edge and whatever boats came past.

"Laura spotted us and came to our rescue.

"She talked us through getting to the boat safely and got us back to shore.

"I cannot stress how grateful we are. Thank you."

Laura Randall added: "It is not often we help out on a rescue but we do always keep our eyes out in that area for any kayakers or swimmers in trouble.

"Earlier this year we noticed some porpoises and dolphins caught in some nets and we were able to free them.

"It always feels nice, whether it is dolphins or people, we are happy to help."