A new crime-thriller series will be airing on BBC Two soon, which stars Ethan Kai and Haluk Bilginer.

The Turkish Detective is adapted from the award-winning Inspector Ikmen novel series by Barbara Nadel, and was acquired by the BBC from Paramount Global Content Distribution

Set in modern-day Istanbul it sees British detective Mehmet Suleyman (Ethan Kai) arrive in the city to join a homicide unit led by eccentric inspector Cetin Ikmen (Haluk Bilginer).

The BBC states the series will follow the ups and downs in the pair's relationship as they solve crimes.

Each story is "heavily rooted in the varied culture and history of Istanbul and set against the frenzied world of modern-day Turkey".

Sue Deeks, Head of BBC Programme Acquisition, says: “Not only does The Turkish Detective provide a compelling, multi-layered crime thriller, but is set in stunning Istanbul, a vibrant contemporary city that also reflects the cultural influences of a rich and varied historical past – it’s a truly fascinating combination.”

BBC Two The Turkish Detective full cast

  • Haluk Bilginer as Cetin Ikmen
  • Ethan Kai as Mehmet Suleyman
  • Yasemin Kay Allen as Ayse Farsakoglu
  • Erol Afsin as Tarik Sanver
  • Uygar Tamer as Fatma Ikmen
  • Deniz Ülkü as Cicek Ikmen
  • Dilan Gwyn as Leyla Pamuk
  • Selma Ergeç as Selma Payidar
  • Fatih Al as Ziver Bucar
  • Diyar Bozkurt as Izzet Melik
  • Rüzgar Diricanli as Bekir Ikmen

  • Ferit Ozmenoglu as Yusuf Ikmen
  • Murat Seven as Abdel Zahle
  • Yilmaz Gruda as Timur Ikmen
  • Ruhi Sari as Emir
  • Lila Gürmen as Hulya
  • Nader Abd Alhay as Kemal Hadad
  • Thomas Chaanhing as Cai Ze Lop
  • Martin Bruchmann as Jakob Kroos
  • Arif Erkin Güzelbeyoglu as Rifat
  • Melissanthi Mahut as Lina Covali
  • Kevork Malikyan as Erol Karagul
  • Amir Boutrous as Ibrahim Nasser
  • Victoria Ekanoye as Faith Karagül
  • Madalina Craiu as Sara Yilmaz
  • Omer Genc as Cem Kartal

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  • Aziz Çapkurt as Kerim
  • Baris Kislak as Mesut
  • Yalim Danisman as Lokman Seren
  • Miles Yekinni as Dillon Irving
  • Tom Cox as DS Lucas

When will The Turkish Detective be on TV?

The first episode of The Turkish Detective will air on BBC Two at 9 pm on Sunday, July 7 with the second episode following in the same timeslot on Monday, July 8.

In total, there are eight episodes which will air in the same format over the coming weeks.