Channel 5's new drama The Night Caller has a star-packed cast including Robert Glenister and Sean Pertwee. 

The show follows former science teacher, Tony Conroy, who now works as a taxi driver on the night shift in Liverpool.

Spending the night listening to people's lives but none talking to him, an uncomfortable conversation with a former colleague leads Tony to start listening to a late-night radio show.

In the radio show, hosted by DJ Lawerence, the former teacher is a troubled soul as flashbacks offer a hint at why he left his job in education, Tony starts to see Lawrence as a real friend.

Tony begins to speak to the DJ, who listens and understands what it’s like to feel isolated and without a voice.

While Lawrence’s world views and on-air friendship give Tony confidence, the DJ’s influence also takes him down a dark, violent path.

The Night Caller on Channel 5 is written by Nick Saltrese who has previously worked on the likes of EastEnders, Hollyoaks, The Bill, Holby City, The Royal and many more.

Leading the Channel 5 show is Robert Glenister who is best known for appearing in the Hustle, Sherwood, Paranoid, The Great Train Robbery, Villain and more.

Also in the cast is Sean Pertwee who has appeared in the likes of Gotham, The Invitation, Tale of the Mummy, Soldier, Two Weeks to Live and many more.

The Night Caller full cast list

  • Tony Conroy: Robert Glenister
  • Lawrence Brightway: Sean Pertwee
  • Rosa: Suzanne Packer
  • Rob: Stephen Walters
  • Stephen: Anthony Brophy
  • Hen: Esther Ayo James
  • DS Marshall: Grainne Keenan
  • Cafe owner: Martin McDonagh

How to watch The Night Caller

The Night Caller will air on Channel 5 starting on Sunday, July 7 at 9pm.

The drama will have four episodes altogether, each an hour long and will air over four consecutive nights.

The Night Caller will also air on the online streaming service My 5.