Two people have been given a police order to stay away from a property after repeated reports of anti-social behaviour.

Dorchester Neighbourhood Policing Team and Magna Housing Association have secured a Housing Injunction Order on two persons linked to an address in Dorchester Town Centre.

A spokesperson for Dorchester Police said: "This is in response to ongoing complaints of anti-social behaviour stemming from the property which has had a detrimental impact on nearby residents.

"The Injunction prevents one of the parties from attending an exclusion zone and from going to the property.

"The Order also prohibits both recipients from acting in an anti-social manner in the immediate vicinity of the address.

"If the Injunction is breached then they will be arrested, and put before the Court and further action will be taken, putting the tenancy at risk.

"Dorset Police, in collaboration with partner agencies and the local community, are committed to tackling crime and disorder in order to improve the lives of local residents.

"It is only possible for us to take positive action through partnership working and with the support of public. Please continue to report your concerns to us, so we can take the appropriate action."