Primary school pupils have raised more than £1,000 for their struggling school.

Pupils at Chickerell Primary Academy undertook a fundraising walk of a mile from the Oasis Café at Overcombe to Lodmoor.

It was organised to raise money for their school which is facing a financial crisis.

Following their amazing efforts, the children raised an impressive £1,084 which will go towards vital supplies.

Pupils Aaron, Freddie, Erin, Harper, Evie, Caidy, Clara, Summer, Ayda, Beaux, Rory, Ralph and LukePupils Aaron, Freddie, Erin, Harper, Evie, Caidy, Clara, Summer, Ayda, Beaux, Rory, Ralph and Luke (Image: Katie Rees)

Katie Rees, the mum of five-year-old reception pupil Aaron, helped to organise the event.

She said: “The walk went really well. A lot of people turned up and got involved – it was really successful.

“It’s so much more than I could have imagined, and the kids are just so proud of themselves.”

The children were joined by friends, family members and teachers as they took part in the fundraising mission.

The idea for the fundraiser came about after parents received an email to inform them that the school was going through a funding crisis.

Staff at Chickerell Primary Academy have expressed their gratitude to everyone involved and have been ‘overwhelmed by all the generosity.’

Katie is now looking to purchase some much-needed items for the school as the school is not able to accept any money.

The head teacher has provided her with a list which includes items such as 400 whiteboard pens, 150 pairs of scissors, 250 mini white boards, as much Blu Tack as possible, Sellotape, card, playdough, globes, paint and paint brushes.

She explained that the globes alone are around £30 each, adding ‘when it all adds up it’s absolutely crazy and to us that’s just simple things.’

Due to the wet weather the children weren’t able to have a picnic as originally planned, but they all enjoyed a ride on the miniature train around Lodmoor.

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The fundraising walkThe fundraising walk (Image: Katie Rees)

Katie added: “Everybody was so happy and loving life; they were all with their friends and just happy to be together. They also loved spending time with their teachers, and their grandparents also came along to support them.

“I also want to say a big well done to all the kids.”