POLICE have called for a review of a Weymouth store, claiming that the property is associated with handling stolen goods.

Dorset Police say the premises license for Eats & Drinks at 24-25 King Street, between the seafront and rail station, should be reviewed.

In a statement the Dorset Police drug and alcohol harm reduction team say: “Dorset Police bring this premises licence before the members of the Licensing Sub-Committee for review on the basis that there is evidence that this premises is associated with handling stolen goods.

"Additionally, Dorset Police, alongside our partners in Dorset Council, have concerns that this premises is failing to promote the licensing objectives by offering alcohol for sale to those that are most vulnerable in our communities, namely street homeless individuals.

"Dorset Police no longer have confidence in the DPS or Premises Licence Holder to uphold the licensing objectives at this premises.”

In the application for the review, which has been notified to the business, Dorset Police says it has “been receiving increased reports of concern regarding this premises, which includes the way the operators engage with street homeless; the concern that we have that they are buying stolen goods, the lack of appropriate conditions being attached to their premises licence and that the relationship between Dorset Police and the operator has been significantly undermined following the most recent incident.”

Public comments on the review can be made to the Dorset Council licensing team by July 23rd.

Dorset Council’s licensing records show that the premises has been licensed to Mr Naguleswaran Jayasuthan since November 2005.