A teenage rock band from Weymouth are getting rave reviews.

Knock N' Run have performed their first official gigs in front of a crowd, playing a few covers of popular pop and rock songs.

The band consists of 13-year-olds, singer and guitarist Freya Jarman, guitarist Jake Axten, bassist Jacob Thorne, and Josh Atkinson on drums.

They formed the band when they were pupils at Southill Primary School when they were just 11 years old. They now go to Budmouth Academy and are in year 8.

The band credit their old school at Southill for helping them get off the ground and are urging people to support a fundraiser which would support other young musicians.

Knock N' Run mainly play covers such as Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes and Wonderwall by Oasis. They are currently working on their version of The Chain by Fleetwood Mac.

They explained how they compile a list of songs they like, agree on a few, then give them a go.

Jake said the things he enjoys the most is the adrenaline rush and being able to demonstrate his guitar skills.

It all started at an after school rock band club led by teacher Dan Bell at Southill Primary School.

The band have got together frequently to rehearse and performed their first official gig at the Budmouth Academy Summer Fayre at the end of June.

They were then invited to play at the Southill Summer Fayre on Friday, July 5.

Staff at The Lugger Inn at Chickerell saw a clip of them shared on social media and have invited the band to play at the pub's Rock and Ribs festival on Saturday, August 17.

(Image: Marie Atkinson) Marie Atkinson, whose son Josh is in the band, said: “The band work hard, collaborate well together and have lots of fun playing their music, they are all a credit to themselves.”

Josh said they created Knock N' Run as a way to get together and do what they wanted.

They came up with the band name to reflect that they are still kids. 

Singer and guitarist Freya said “I’m very proud of all of us, hopefully there is much more to come.”

All four of them would like to credit Southill Primary which is currently fundraising for a small space to be built on their grounds for a new music studio.

If you would like to donate to the school project follow the link https://app.goodhub.com/sps-leavealegacy