PLANS to site a 30ft high mobile phone mast on the approach to a woodland beauty spot in Bridport have angered both councillors and residents.

Vodafone wants to put up the timber pole with three antennae, along with an equipment cabinet, at Old Hospital Field, Park Road.

Town councillors this week lodged a formal objection, saying it would mar the approach to Allington Hill, a popular local walk.

"It will be a horrible, ugly pole," said Coun Phil Lathey.

Vodafone say they have investigated potential sites for their G3 aerial in the town but the Park Road one is the most suitable option that balances operational need with local planning policies and national planning policy guidance'.

But Allington Parish Council has said the positioning of the pole is completely unsuitable'.

Clerk Amy Hull wrote to say: It is far too close to dwellings and we recommend it should be sited further into the field. We are extremely unhappy about this application as are many residents.' Amongst local residents objecting is Stephen Kick of Thomson Close.

He said: "The proposed location is too close to the houses and the road and is a local unspoiled beauty spot.

"It is not just the pole but the infrastructure such as power supply, connection to telecoms etc. The area related to the antenna pole will have to be made vandal-proof and safe, with razor wire or a large metal fence. This also would have an impact on the greenfield site and Woodland Trust location and be a complete eyesore."

Members of the town council's plans committee backed the objectors.

Coun Lathey said the proposed mast was at the end of a dead end road - totally the wrong place.

He said a better idea would be to disguise it as a tree and put it amongst the real ones higher up in the field where it would not be noticed.

Coun Mark Parsons said people's fears that the mast could damage health would not carry any weight with the planning authority who had been instructed to ignore these worries.

But Council Leader Charles Wild said it was still the town council's role to express any relevant concerns people had. He said the location for the pole was also wrong in visual terms.