SOME NHS teams in Dorset could end up sharing offices at County Hall in Dorchester.

The NHS has already taken over the former South Walks House council headquarters in the county town for outpatient services.

It is now involved in talks with Dorset Council about moving some of its other teams, including the newly established Integrated Care Board, into County Hall, where desk occupancy has been relatively low for council staff since the trend to home working for at least part of the week, prompted by Covid.

Dorset councillors on the audit and governance committee heard this week that although nothing had yet been agreed co-location with NHS colleagues was a real possibility.

Included in the exploratory talks is finding space for NHS office staff currently working in rented accommodation at Vespasian House, off Bridport Road, less than a quarter of a mile from County Hall.

In other parts of the country council staff, especially those from adult and children's services and public health, have been working alongside each other in the same offices for years, with claims that it has improved relationships and produced better outcomes for those who use public services.