MINI-GOLFERS walked the plank and descended on Weymouth for the town’s inaugural open championship.

The budding Tigers and Montys of the miniature golf world went head to head at the swashbuckling contest, staged at the resort’s Pirate Adventure Golf course.

Given that they did so surrounded by cannons and buccaneers, it was more Captain Jack Sparrow territory than Nick Faldo.

The event, endorsed by the British Miniature Golf Association (BMGA), saw 18 golfers – including BMGA member Richard Gottfried – competing over three rounds.

Scores were collected after each round and the player order was adjusted for the leaders to go last – just like in professional golf tournaments.

The entry fee was just £5 for the competing Jolly Rogers, and each competitor was fighting to win one of the cherished trophies and the £50 cash prize.

A year’s free golf was also up for grabs for the best scores by a local player and the best youngster.

Course manager David Picksley said: “I’m really pleased with how it went. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the standard was very good.

“It was great that Richard came down for it and he gave us a good insight into what the BMGA does.”

England mini-golf star Richard triumphed at the championship but he didn’t have it all his own way, winning by just five shots in the end.

Keen golf enthusiast David said it was great to see specialist Richard and others taking to the greens at the Lodmoor Country Park course.

He said: “This was the first time in Pirate Adventure Golf’s four year history that we’ve staged a serious tournament like this.

“We think it’s the best in the country, with top quality greens and surrounds like a set from a Hollywood swashbuckler.

“We were very confident that every competitor would be impressed.”

The Sunday event could have been even more star-studded – but three other BMGA members who travelled down from Cardiff fell ill and were unable to take part.

David and his colleagues are now hoping that the inaugural Weymouth Open will go on to become an annual event.

“We’re already looking forward to 2009,” he added. “I’ve also been invited to the world mini-golf championships in Hastings so I’m looking forward to seeing how things are done there.”