CAN I suggest that Dr Ian Sedwell, being as he seems such a humane kind of person, that he has these lowlife at his home and care for them (‘Banning drunks will be of no use’, You Say, July 10).

The majority of decent people are absolutely sick and fed up with these people, only minority of whom are very sad cases who deserve help.

The majority who don’t want nor seek any form of help, and are just content to drink and abuse the passers by from the shelters on the seafront.

These shelters are the ones that the nice folk who wish to visit Weymouth can’t use because of them and the stench of urine which exists there.

My own daughter who has two young children was walking past such a shelter, I was following some 8-10 yards behind pushing her pushchair and holding the hand of the other child.

The abuse she was given was unbelievable from what I can only describe as pure foul mouthed vermin.

So Dr Sedwell, you have the vermin at your house to care for, that I may return to lovely Weymouth with my children and grandchildren.

Until such time I’m afraid I shall not be coming back to what is a lovely coastal resort like Weymouth with its wonderful seafront and sands, because in simple terms, I don’t have to tolerate these people, if they can be called such.

Mike Andrews, Maiden Newton.