I write in response to Richard Drax, Conservative PPC, South Dorset (Tour Say, Dorset Echo, September 8).

Mr Drax’s presence at the protest in support of Weymouth Women's Refuge was most welcome.

His letter in your pages lends valuable and well-articulated arguments. However, two aspects detract from his position and reveal worrying contradictions in his interpretation of Conservative Party policy.

First, he implies that Dorset County Council's decision to close the refuge is a direct consequence of Government imposed spending cuts.

If that were indeed so, why is DCC proposing to replace the refuge with an outreach scheme that will be at least 20 per cent more expensive?

A strange measure of economy and somewhat at variance with George Osborne, Shadow Chancellor, who on September 10 declared that Conservative councils are ‘rooting out waste and cutting costs’.

Second, Richard might bear in mind that both Labour and Conservative parties have admitted that whichever wins at the next election, they will need to impose significant savings achieved by some means.

The argument is therefore how cuts will be made, not if cuts will be made.

For Richard to imply otherwise is rather misleading and not all in accord with David Cameron's grim, yet well-publicised, views on the matter.

Dr Ian Sedwell, Greenhill, Weymouth.