A YOUNG Dorchester youth worker has been breaking down barriers between disabled and able-bodied people.

Sixteen-year-old Rory Major held a special workshop for a mix of young people – including some with learning, hearing and mobility disabilities – after being challenged to ‘fix’ something he was concerned about for a television programme. The youngster, who spends five evenings a week volunteering at the Dorchester Youth and Community Centre said his work there had shown him how difficult it was for some people living with a disability and wanted to promote better understanding.

Rory was appointed an ITV Fixer and arranged the workshop to allow disabled and able-bodied people to come together and try their hands at a number of sports and activities to challenge stereotypes and get to know each other.

Rory said: “I thought I could do something to something to help by setting up this project.

“There was a lot of planning involved but it was a really good day.

“I think everyone who was involved had a brilliant day and they all seemed to enjoy it.

“If I have just helped one person change their view of disabled people, I’ll be very happy.”

Rory also had a helping hand from former London Wheelchair Marathon winner Sarah Piercy who spoke about how sport had helped her cope with her disability.

She was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, a rare congenital disorder that causes muscle weakness.

She said: “I don’t let it get in my way. I have got an identical twin sister who is able and when I was younger seeing what I could have been like was very difficult but as I’ve got older I’ve adapted.”

Among the disabled participants on the day were accomplished musicians, dancers and sportsmen and women.

Able-bodied Callum McGann, 17, from Portland, attended the workshop.

He said: “These people are brilliant and it’s changed my views totally.

“We usually make fun and think it’s a joke but it’s not really.

“If my mates were there it would change them as well.”

Rory, who is studying horticulture at Kingston Maurward, is now looking to run further workshops and expand the scheme.

He said he hopes the show will challenge some of the prejudicial views some people have towards the younger generation.

Rory said: “Everyone stereotypes young people and hopefully this will help to change that.”

l You can see Rory Major’s Fix on ITV’s West Tonight from 6pm tonight.