A DETERMINED mum-of-six has gone from being stuck in bed with a debilitating illness to winning races and helping orphans.

Kazy Vincent-Janes, 42, banished her ME and fybromyalgia through a healing programme known as the Lightning Process and is now passing on her knowledge to cure others.

She said more people were turning to the programme because it has a high success rate.

She said: “Within six months of being diagnosed with ME I was bed-bound.

“It’s a debilitating fatigue syndrome that isn’t restored by rest and leaves your muscles and joints in a lot of pain.”

Chideock resident Kazy said she was sceptical when she heard about the three-day Lightning Process course in a radio debate.

She added: “I was at the stage where I would give anything a try. The process isn’t treatment and it’s not therapy – it allows your body to set its system back to normal. It felt like coming out of a strait jacket.”

With her new lease of life Kazy took up running again and recently won the eight-mile Charmouth Challenge veterans’ section and two Sussex races.

She said: “The girls I’ve been running against are 17 and 18 and I’ve been able to beat them.”

Training as a Lightning Process practitioner and opening a clinic in Chideock was something she had to do, Kazy said.

“It’s an absolute joy to help people who have ME because I know exactly what it is like.

“The process is like learning French. Some people pick it up straight away and others need to keep applying it consistently.”

Kazy is asking clients to donate money from reiki and channel healing therapies to benefit Kenyan orphans who have been rescued from a life of prostitution.

She has befriended an orphan called Jacob who rescues other orphans from the streets of Nairobi.

“It’s my dream to meet him. We try to send him £50 to £150 a month and he tells us what he’s doing.”

The dream for Kazy is to see the Lightning Process adopted more widely.

“The Dorset ME Association doesn’t recognise it but people have been referred to me from the NHS. All ages of men and women and all walks of life can use it,” she said. “When you have the first-hand experience of being ill and recovering it connects you to other people.”

For more information visit www.kazyvincentjanes.co.uk