MUSICIANS are to play the first concert in years at the Old Town Hall in Weymouth.

The Dolmen will perform their Civil War-themed Crabchurch Conspiracy album at the historic building at 9pm on Saturday.

They will stage the concert during the Battle of Weymouth weekend to mark the anniversary of a siege and fighting in the town during the English Civil War.

Martin Hedley, one of the organisers of the weekend, said: “The Crabchurch Conspiracy will be performed as it is on the album.

“There will be sound effects and narration. It will be slightly different to the band’s normal loud Celtic rock – it will be more like a sitting round the camp fire telling stories.”

He added: “It will be the first musical concert since we took over and we hope it will be the first of many.

“It will also celebrate the opening of a new room in the hall called the Crabchurch Room.”

The term ‘Crabchurch Conspiracy’ has become shorthand for the events surrounding the battles of 1645.

Campaigners took over the old town hall – where some of the most bloody clashes took place in the civil war – last year.

They have breathed new life into the North Quay building as a heritage and arts centre. Mr Hedley said: “The grand plan with the hall is to start to educate people about Weymouth’s rich history and heritage.

“It carries on our endeavour to bring arts and heritage together.”

The Guardians of the Old Town Hall, Chapelhay Community Partnership and Pike And Shot Tour Events are jointly organising the second annual battle of Weymouth weekend.

Tickets for the Dolmen concert are £5 from 07743 705291. People are urged to book in advance as numbers for the event are limited.

Let battle commence

THERE will be musket fire on the hour between noon and 3pm on Saturday as well as various re-enactments and interpretations of life at that time.

On the Sunday there will be a rally at Sandsfoot Castle and a volley of musket fire before a march down Old Castle Road, Belle Vue Road, Bincleaves, across to the Nothe and through Franchise Street to Chapelhay and the Old Town Hall.

There will be more musket fire and a march to the Old Rooms, which stand on the spot where hundreds of Irish mercenaries lost their lives.

The march begins at Sandsfoot Castle at 10.50am, at the Old Town Hall at noon, the Old Rooms at 1pm and Brewers Quay at 1.15pm.