FRIGHTENED residents in Weymouth are calling for action after their fences were bashed and battered by youngsters.

The occupants of two bungalows which back on to a lane in Bridlebank Way say they are ‘sick and tired’ of the vandalism they have been putting up with.

Jeanette Perry, 62, temporarily repaired her fence after she found it had been knocked over, only to discover it had been bashed down again by the next afternoon.

A number of her decorative garden ornaments and a hanging basket have also been damaged as a result.

Mrs Perry said: “This is not the first time it has happened and I am not the only one either. I love it here and I am normally very happy but at the moment I feel insecure because I have a great big hole in my fence.

“I really care about my garden and I even won the best patio prize awarded by Weymouth and Portland Housing, so it is quite upsetting.

“I know kids will be kids, but this is not just harmless fun.”

Neighbour Nancy Wilson, who also lives in one of the bungalows, said she had also had her fence kicked down.

“My husband has been out in the garden when the kids have been banging on the fence as they walk by.

“I am 75 and my husband is coming up to 80 and it’s just a terrible situation to be in. It makes us feel scared in our own home.”

Mrs Perry and Mrs Wilson are now calling for the alley behind their properties to be closed off.

Wey Valley School head teacher Philip Thomas confirmed that on both occasions the damage was caused by pupils from the school. “We have identified a small group of four or five people who are responsible and they will be individually punished.

“There is one key individual – a 15-year-old boy – who will be replacing the panels and he will apologise for what he has done.

“All the staff here are horrified and I feel sick to think this has happened.

“We are in negotiations with the police to identify what action will be taken out of school and then by us.”

PCSO Ken Lightfoot, who is dealing with the case, said: “What appears to be minor damage can often be very expensive to replace or repair and this type of incident is a matter that is treated seriously by police.”