THANKFULLY there were no love bites in sight at the fishiest wedding of the year.

Two sharks celebrated their nuptials with a three-tier ice cake containing herring at Weymouth’s Sea Life Park.

The ceremony marked the launch of the park’s new Shark Breeding Centre, which is now open to the public.

Zebra horn sharks – Pontos and Thalassa – were married in a special service led by staff member Kevin Banks who dressed up as ‘Vicar Fin’ for the day.

Two of the park’s junior directors Molly Cheeseman and George Dibben also attended the event.

Spokesman Emma Vagg said: “The service went really well – the tank looked amazing with silver blue drapes and fake white roses.

“Vicar Fin said the vows and gave them away, then the wedding march was played again and a three-tier ice cake was dropped into the water for the sharks to nibble on.”

She added: “The sharks were quite shy so they swam around at the back of the tank.”

Supervisor of displays Fiona Smith said the wedding idea was not only to launch the park’s new feature but also to encourage the splash of tiny fins.

She added: “Most married couples have a baby after the first year of marriage, so our hope is that our couple will do the same.

“The new feature has purposely been built to offer our sharks a more natural and nurturing environment to breed in.”

The new exhibit will not only house the happy couple but it will also be home to several other breeds of shark and tropical marine fish including two Port Jackson sharks, two guitar sharks, several cow nose rays and threadfins.