Unless otherwise stated, expect gigs to start at around 8.30pm to 9pm.


Speed Handbag (Tickled Hippy, The Esplanade, Weymouth): Speed Handbag return from their international commitments to entertain the good punters at the Hippy with a veritable Boney M-porium of 70s cheese and schmaltz. From 10pm.

The Two Stooges (Mariner's, Maiden Street, Weymouth): A host of covers and loadsa giggles from this duo.

Barnaby 5 (Bar Banus, The Esplanade, Weymouth): Jazz funk grooves from this very nifty Wimborne band.

Eveline de la Paix (Three Horseshoes, Mill Street, Burton Bradstock): The return of the Aussie entertainer who's 'cello-enhanced acoustic trio made a big impression here last time.

Jam On It (Finn's, Westham Road, Weymouth): Your weekly opportunity to get onstage and display your talent.

Acoustic Jam Session (George Inn, Reforne, Portland): Billy and Mickey from Hokum Society host this come-one come-all have-a-go occasion.

Folk Club (Three Compasses, Charminster): This is the monthly open session for folk-minded folk, in the skittle alley of Terry's splendid little boozer.

John Stone (Bar on the Corner, St Thomas Street, Weymouth): Coldplay to Kylie to Mavericks .

Traditional Tune Session (Cove House Inn, ChiswelI, Portland): The weekly informal, unamplified celebration of the folk tune.

Kirby (Bar 2012, Upper Bond Street, Weymouth): Acoustic pop/rock guitar and vocals - Jeff Buckley, REM and the like.

B J McCabe (Fairhaven Hotel, The Esplanade, Weymouth): Decades of pop classics with digital orchestration.

Gigolo (RAOB Club, Crescent Street, Weymouth): Covers.


The Daze (Mariner's, Maiden Street, Weymouth): Alt and indie rock covers from this band.

Torn Apart (Finns, Westham Road, Weymouth): Skate rock.

Jack's House (Maiden Newton Village Hall): Soul classics. Admission is £6, and there's a disco and a late bar.

Motel 6 (Tickled Hippy, Weymouth): Funky blues rock.

Suspicious Karaakters (Britannia Inn, Fortuneswell, Portland): A wide sampling of the musical spectrum.

Bad Reputation (Excise House, Hope Square, Weymouth): Big, noisy rock classics.

Steve's Bike Shop (Red Lion, The Square, Beaminster):

Retro (Wyke Regis Working Men's Club): Rock'n'roll from Eddie Cochran to Elvis, from Chris Rea to REM.

Wob (Hope & Anchor, St. Michael's Lane, Bridport): Wob brings a festival vibe to the Hope's compact environs.

Sion 'lovin' it' White (George Inn, Custom House Quay, Weymouth): Sion's performances come with a party vibe guarantee.

Jack Daniels (The Galley, Hope Street, Weymouth): A solo gig from the lunar howler.

Karl Weber (Cove House Inn, ChiswelI, Portland): Covers.

Johnny Mac (Dolphin Hotel, Park Street, Weymouth): Rock, pop and soul covers, plus a Rod Stewart acknowledgement.

Piano Dentists (Spice Ship, Preston Road, Preston, Weymouth): Carefully-chosen and immaculately-performed pop gems from Lucy and Al.

Mac (Railway Tavern, Queen Street, Weymouth): David Gray to Neil Diamond and more from Mac.

Bob Mallett (White Hart, Cheap Street, Sherbome): Bob treats the Sherbornians to his rock'n'roll show.

Bill Solo (Wellington Arms, St Alban Street, Weymouth): Audience-participation friendly pop and rock covers.

Barry Hobson (RAOB Club, Crescent Street, Weymouth): Covers galore from Barry.

The Muddy Funksters (Hardy's, West Street, Bridport): Why does this band's name make me think immediately of Glastonbury?


Steve Wilson and the Innocent Bystanders (Bridport Arts Centre, South Street, Bridport): Jess Upton and Clive Ashley are amongst the star-studded Bystanders - see Marco's rant for more details. Music from 8pm; admission is £8 (£6 for members and concessions). Bookings and enquiries to 01308 424204.

The Basement Band (Three Horseshoes, Mill Street, Burton Bradstock): This band is comprised of musicians who are or were members of British blues legends The Blues Band.

The Muddy Funksters (Mariner's, Maiden Street, Weymouth): More contemporary funk grooves, from 9pm followed by...

Jubb and the Dirty Sleeves (Verdis, Maiden Street, Weymouth): ...a session downstairs from this splendidly-named band, who will be playing an exclusive two-hour set, featuring classic punk and new wave DJ's. Entry is free before 11, £3 thereafter.

Raw Power (Finns, Weymouth): Fancy some Metallica, Guns n' Roses, Whitesnake anyone? Off to Finns you go.

Freak Circus (Old George, Trinity Street, Dorchester): Gothic, post-punk all-original meisterwerks. Highly recommended.

Border Music (Hope & Anchor, Bridport): Bluesy grooves.

Lo Numbers (Excise House, Weymouth): Wondrous works from The Who, The Kinks and the Small Faces are rendered live.

Splinter (Little Ship, Victoria Square, Portland): Splendidly-performed covers from Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd,

Led Zep and the like.

Mocomis (Ropemakers, East Street, Bridport): Rock covers.

Driver (Green Shutters, Castletown, Portland): A huge range of pop and rock from Ross, Dave and Goff.

Monkey Tennis (Royal Exchange, Weston Road, Portland): It's the duo version of Shooter.

Plan B (Clifton Hotel, Grove Road, Portland): Covers.

Nick Capaldi (George Inn, Custom House Quay, Weymouth): The EmphaSiS front man goes solo.

Red Rooster (George Inn, Reforne, Portland): Serious fun, in a blues style.

Andy Grant (Sailor's Return, Nicholas Street, Weymouth): Serious guitar nift, in any style that you request.

Gigolo (Bridge Inn, Bridge Inn Lane, Preston, Weymouth): Pop covers.

Andy Arnold (Punchbowl, Easton Street, Portland): Rock'n'roll.

Darren H (Dolphin Hotel, Park Street, Weymouth): Cabaret-style entertainment.

Split Pea (Railway Tavern, Queen Street, Weymouth): Well-performed pop and rock covers.

Kipper (Wellington Arms, St Alban Street, Weymouth): Original material and nods towards Dylan and Neil Young.

The Skiffle Group (Hardy's, West Street, Bridport): A recreation of a truly unique British musical form.


Time Out (Finns, Weymouth): Bowie and Pink Floyd to Billy Connolly, plus original material, from Mike and Brian.

The Basement Band (Three Horseshoes, Mill Street, Burton Bradstock): An afternoon jam session hosted by some blues maestros.

Bastardo Brothers (Hope & Anchor, Bridport): Rock covers, from 5pm.

Sion 'Lovin' It' White (Tickled Hippy, Weymouth): More party fun with Sion.

XL (Clifton Hotel, Portland): Big rock from big geezers.

Blue Job (Three Compasses, Charminster): Blink not in disbelief - it's a reunion for Storey et al.

Zo Schwarz & Rob Koral (Poet Laureate, Pummery Square, Poundbury, Dorchester): Smooth jazz from 8pm.

Gut & Steel (George Inn, Portland): 60's to contemporary rock and pop, from 4.30pm.

Acoustic Marmalade (Sailor's Return, Nicholas Street, Weymouth): A showcase for new and established acoustic acts. If you want to play, contact John on 07850 730569. Music from 4pm.

Jam with Ian (Galley Bistro, Hope Square, Weymouth): In the evening, Ian Sedwell hosts this acoustically-orientated jam session.

Tia (King's Arms, Trinity Road, Weymouth): Why is the good doctor hosting at the Galley? Because Tia's playing round the corner, that's why.

Mac plus mystery guest (Railway Tavern, Queen Street, Weymouth): David Gray to Neil Diamond from Mac, who is not alone tonight.

B J McCabe (Ranch House, Osmington Mills, near Weymouth).

Andy Arnold (Duke of Edinburgh House of Sounds, Weymouth): Authentic 50's rock'n'roll, plus a nod to the 70's, this lunchtime.

Darren H (Dolphin Hotel, Park Street, Weymouth).


Vicky Leonne (RAOB Club, Crescent Street, Weymouth): Cabaret-style entertainment from Vicky.

B J McCabe (West Fleet Holiday Park, Moonfleet, Weymouth).

Pete Howell (Russell Hotel, The Esplanade, Weymouth): Vocals, accordion and guitar from the one they call the Dorset Thatcher, appearing here every Monday.


Fandangle (Finns, Westham Road, Weymouth): High-

energy ska punk.

Julie Lewis (The Isobar, Trinity Road, Weymouth): Jazz pianist and vocalist extraordinaire Julie and friends can be found here every Tuesday night. Fun guaranteed.

Steve Wilson (Boot Inn, High Street, Weymouth): Wilser goes solo.

Gut & Steel (King's Arms, Trinity Road, Weymouth): 60s to contemporary pop and rock covers from Andy and Mark.

Andy Grant (Park Hotel, Weymouth): A huge range of pop, rock, jazz and classical works from this most accomplished guitarist/vocalist.

B J McCabe (Ranch House, Osmington Mills, near Weymouth).

Mark Allen (RAOB Club, Crescent Street, Weymouth): Cabaret-style pop entertainment from Mark, here every Tuesday.


Acoustic Jam Session (Park Hotel, Grange Road, Weymouth): The regular jam session here of a Wednesday night, hosted by HarleyJon.

Rob Koral & Sue Hawker (The Isobar, Weymouth): First-rate jazz guitar and vocals.

Jack Daniels & Benny Wain (Ranch House, Osmington Mills, near Weymouth): Fiddle-fired folk frolics.

Jefferson Jon (Russell Hotel, The Esplanade, Weymouth): Country, and also western, from Big John.

B J McCabe (Hotel Mon Ami, The Esplanade, Weymouth).