IT'S 14 years today since Leeds United fans ran riot in Bournemouth. Most people have put the May Day 1990 vandalism, arrests and injuries behind them.

But it seems AFC Bournemouth fans have longer memories than most.

Never let it be said that Cherries fans bear a grudge - but they couldn't resist a little celebration to mark Leeds United's fall from grace this weekend.

So a group of fans threw a relegation party for Leeds over the Bank Holiday - complete with beer, nibbles and silly hats.

A fan known only as fletchformanager hosted the party at his home and provided specially-made hats for his guests bearing the words: "Leeds United Relegation Party."

They watched as troubled Leeds crashed out of the Premiership and laughed as tearful Leeds fans appeared on the television screen.

Then they posted the pictures on the AFC Bournemouth fans' website, RednBlack.

Photographs of devastated fans and players were posted with captions including: "Blubbing on the terraces" and "Watch it, the stadium will flood in a minute".

Fletchformanager, 24, has been a Cherries' fan since he was a child. He said: "I can remember seeing the Leeds riots on the telly. I was just 10 years old, it was pretty scary stuff.

"The Cherries went into that game in such a state. They probably wouldn't have lost if it hadn't been for all the trouble outside.

"We had a good old party to celebrate their relegation and we even had a Leeds fan there - but he did leave quite early. We had a good old time though."

Vinny Goodfield, editor of the club fanzine, 08.44 to Waterloo, said bad feeling had existed between the two clubs since the riots.

"The Leeds fans intimidated families trying to watch their own team in their own town," he said. "I know it was a long time ago but since then we have heard Leeds fans describing the incident as 'having a laugh'.

"They have been very arrogant and have said they don't know what all the fuss was about. Personally I would prefer to concentrate on Bournemouth doing well, but if there was ever another team you would like to see slip up ..."

Hundreds of Leeds fans went on the rampage in Bournemouth on May Day Bank Holiday in 1990, causing more than £1million worth of damage and injury to opposing fans and police officers.

Spectators, including many young children, had to run to safety as missiles were hurled and riot police waded in to control the crowds.

A spokesman for AFC Bournemouth stressed that RednBlack is independent of the club and declined to comment on the relegation party.

First published: May 5