A GRANT from the Countryside Agency has enabled a Portland group to embark on a project which will benefit present and future generations on the island.

The agency runs a grant scheme to create 'Doorstep Greens', utilising open spaces that are close to where people live.

The land chosen for this doorstep project is opposite Baker's Ground and will be run by Chiswell in Partnership with the Sea (Chips).

As it is already surrounded by old stone walls there is no need to look any further for a name as the ground, soon to be revitalised, will be known as The Walled Garden.

Margaret Summerville, chairman of Chips, said: "Councillors and officers at the borough have supported us in achieving our aim to revitalise Chiswell and we have been granted a 30 year lease at a one-off payment of £5,000, which we all consider to be a very generous offer."

Chips' aim is that everyone in the community should be involved in the scheme and so they are opening up the 'garden'.

It will be open from 10am to 2pm tomorrow.