A CASH boost of £9.4million will be ploughed into Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy in time for the Olympic games, it was revealed today.

The financial injection, from the Government and National Lottery, will be spent making the centre a world-class facility.

A total of £3.32 million will be used to create permanent improvements, including more slipways, plus an extension for changing, accommodation and conference rooms.

A further £6.08million will be spent on temporary improvements for the games themselves. These will include media facilities and accommodation for competitors and officials.

Academy director John Tweed said: "In 2010 and 2011 we will have test events here so would like to see all the permanent works in place by then."

Mr Tweed said it was 'too early' to know when planning applications would be submitted to Weymouth and Portland Borough Council.

He added: "I'm feeling very positive about this at the moment. It's a great opportunity for the world to come to the UK and see we've got the best facilities here at Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy."

Meanwhile, the sailing centre has been given a pat on the back for its eco-friendly policies.

It has become the first Olympic venue to feature as a user of a new initiative aimed at encouraging businesses and services to adopt greener tactics.

Centre bosses have vowed to adhere to the Greener Guide produced by the Government Office for the South West.

They have already implemented a waste reduction recycling plan, have shown how they collect rainwater from the roof of their building and have included solar panels.

Guide co-ordinator Phil Harding said: "I am very impressed with what they are doing at the academy and can confirm that the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy is now listed as a user of the guide.

"Interest in this new guide is gathering pace and feedback from around the UK has been excellent."

Mr Tweed added: "The Royal Yachting Association has described our plan and practices as an exemplar for others and will be using the academy as a case study in encouraging adoption of green practices throughout the industry. We are pleased to be listed as a greener events guide venue."