SAUCY Dorchester students Ellie Glen and Nick Plant are to join a mass streak in protest at a Spanish bull run.

Along with 1,000 others wearing nothing but plastic horns and red scarves they will dash through the streets of Pamplona.

The Thomas Hardye A-level students hope their efforts will convince Spanish authorities there are more interesting sights than a bull stampede.

Ellie, 18, of Affpuddle, a part-time barmaid at the Martyrs Inn in Tolpuddle, said: "I'm really excited and a little bit nervous as I've never done anything like this before.

"Nick told me it was great fun and he convinced me to join him."

Nick, 18, of Milborne St Andrew, said: "Being a vegetarian I'm interested in animal rights charities and I came across the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) group.

"I first read about the run they were doing in 2004, but was too late so I took part in last year's. And it was brilliant. An absolutely fantastic atmosphere. There were people from all over Europe taking part."

He added: "Loads of people came out to watch and there was a massive response. And it was far more positive than negative, which I wasn't expecting."

Ellie and Nick will jet out to Spain on July 4 for the Running of the Nudes due to take part on July 5 just two days before the first bull run.

PETA co-ordinator Lauren Bowey said this was the fifth nude run and campaigners from 35 different countries were expected to take part.

She said: "Ellie and Nick are running to let tourists know there is a win-win alternative to inciting a stampede among panicked animals who are later tormented and slaughtered in bullfights.

"Spanish opposition to bullfighting is mounting. After Barcelona City Council voted in April 2004 to ban this primitive blood sport, other towns including Calldetenes, Tor-ello and Olot followed suit."