CURIOUS residents went underground for an open day at a mine on Portland.

Nearly 200 people from Weymouth and Portland went on tours of the Albion Stone’s Jordan’s Quarry, under the Red Triangle cricket pitch on Tophill.

The firm threw open its gates to show how extraction of Portland Stone had developed with 21st-century techniques in its mines.

Assistant manager Tony Booker, who led tours with manager Mark Godden, said: “It went very well.

“We had about 180 to 200 people who were all very impressed with the mine.

“It was the first time we had an open day at Jordan’s Mine.

“It was a chance for local people interested in the mine to see how it works and how we operate.

“Mark and I were very pleased that people were so interested in the mine, as they were asking lots of questions.

“It was a really good day.”

Albion Stone has led the way in developing stone extraction on Portland by setting up mines 40ft underground.

Miners wield diamond-edged saws and water pressure tools but also use their natural ability to read the stone’s natural joints.

Albion operates three mining operations on Portland, including the Jordan site, the Bowers site and the Bowers high wall extraction site.

The stone is extracted with a minimum of disturbance to the environment above ground. The mined stone is processed at its factory at Independent Quarry.