A SCHOOLBOY was left heartbroken when a man ran off with the money he had earned by washing cars.

Isaac Rogers, 12, went to Weymouth town centre to spend the money he had worked hard for when his £10 note fell out of his pocket and a man ran off with it.

Isaac – who goes to the Sir John Colfox School in Bridport – suffered a double blow after a motorist drove over his skateboard.

He said his money was taken after he rode to town to have a look in the shops.

Isaac said: “I cycled there and locked up my bike and I had this little pocket on my shirt with my key and the £10 in.

“When I pulled the key out the £10 came out and blew off.

“I dropped the key and ran to get it and this man picked it up.

“I said ‘oh thanks’ and he just turned around and looked at me and ran.”

Isaac described the man as in his mid-30s, wearing brown jeans and carrying a green backpack.

Isaac also told how a motorist damaged his skateboard.

He said: “My skateboard was run over by a man in a car.

“He went over it and looked behind him. Then he just carried on.”

Isaac said he will carry on cleaning cars despite losing his £10.

He said: “I cleaned cars and raised about £9 and my mum gave me an extra pound.

“Then I went out and the man took it.

“But I’m not going to give up cleaning cars. I’m still carrying on with it.”

His mum Joanna Rogers, of Devon Road, Weymouth, said Isaac had used his previous car cleaning money to pay for new wheels on the skateboard.

She said: “I must say he was absolutely heartbroken.

“He was so distraught after making that money himself and then getting it taken away from him.

“With his skateboard being broken by a stranger too I thought ‘what is going on?’”

Miss Rogers said Isaac has been cleaning cars for the same people in Westham for some time.

She said: “He has learned the value of working for that money.

“He asks me if he can go out car washing every Sunday morning.

“To be honest, when he came back I said ‘why don’t you go out and clean a few cars?’ and he said ‘what’s the point?’.

“He said someone else will probably come and take his money and that made me really sad.”

Miss Rogers also appealed for drivers to slow down to 20mph on the estate after the skateboard was broken. Anyone with information about the theft should contact Dorset Police on 01305 222222.