A Portland landlord’s pub has been daubed with graffiti after he spoke out against gangs on the island.

Neil ‘Chaz’ Charlton woke up to find the words ‘Portland Bois’ painted on the side of his pub the Clifton Hotel and ‘DT5’ on one of the windows.

It is understood by residents that Portland Bois is the name of a gang on Portland.

Mr Charlton, who is also a Portland town councillor, has been left angered after the culprits came to his pub in Grove Road in the middle of the night to cause the damage.

He said: “They are that brave that they did it in the early hours of the morning.

“If you can’t be man enough to talk things through openly and face to face then what sort of person are you?

“All the incidents are in the early hours of the morning or with older people.

“These kids are spineless and this incident is laughable now because they resorted to spelling ‘boys’ wrong.”

A week ago a meeting was held at the Clifton when islanders called on the police to clamp down on gangs of youths who are intimidating and attacking residents.

In the latest incident student Stuart Parnell, 17, of Wyke Regis, Weymouth, was punched, kicked and spat on while walking two girls home from a party last Friday night.

Mr Charlton said those who spray-painted his pub should change their ways.

He said: “They are saying they are Portland people. But what respect will they get from the island if they are doing this to fellow Portlanders?”

He added: “If they don’t respect their own island how can anybody respect them?

“All they are doing is dragging down their parents and grandparents.”

The graffiti has been reported to police and is being investigated.

Inspector Neil Wood, deputy section commander for Weymouth and Portland, said: “There has been some criminal damage that we are keeping an open mind about and we are investigating it now.

“Again if we could appeal to anybody who witnessed it or has any information to let us know.

“We want to hear from people so the matter can be dealt with.”

The graffiti was daubed on Tuesday night. Anyone with information about the graffiti or any incidents on the island can call Dorset Police on 01305 222222 or the Portland Safer Neighbourhood team on 07500 816319.