DOCTOR Who has lent his support to crime fighters on Portland.

Locals discovered a Tardis police box outside the Clifton Hotel on Grove Road on Portland at closing time.

Attached to it was a note from ‘The Doctor’ saying that he had got a new Tardis and had left his old one to use to fight crime on Portland.

Good-natured pranksters left the iconic blue box outside on Friday night after residents vowed to set up patrols of the island to help combat anti-social behaviour.

Clifton Hotel landlord and Portland town councillor Neil ‘Chaz’ Charlton said: “The Tardis turned up between about 11pm and 11.15pm on Friday night.

“I have no idea where it came from or who did it, but they have put quite a lot of effort in.

“I’m asking all superheroes out there, like Batman and Superman, if they have any crime fighting kit they have no further use for to drop it off at the pub.”

He added: “All super heroes will be welcome at the Clifton Hotel and we will give them a free drink.

“I don’t know any other county or place that’s been donated their own Tardis.”

There have been suggestions that the Tardis should be turned into a comments booth, where anyone can go in anonymously and write a message about what improvements they would like to see on Portland. Residents on the Island have recently rallied round to try to stop a spate of violent and anti-social behaviour.

They have held meetings at the Clifton and urged the community to help the police combat anti-social behaviour.

Mr Charlton said that he is optimistic that Dorset Police will send two officers to patrol Portland on Friday and Sunday nights until 2am to ensure the area is safe and residents feel reassured.