A DISABLED woman had a lucky escape after a runaway tractor crashed into her mobility scooter at the Dorset County Show.

Amputee Ann Topp, 73, was sent crashing into a stall in the dramatic accident.

The tractor, part of a static display on top of a hill on the east side of the Dorchester showground, careered down a slope for about 100 metres before colliding with Mrs Topp.

It is not known what caused it to move but a boy was seen playing on it moments before.

Witnesses described how bystanders battled in vain to stop the tractor and emergency services said it ‘miraculously’ missed other people. No one else was injured.

Mrs Topp suffered serious bruising to her left leg and arm in the accident on Saturday afternoon and was sent home after treatment at Dorset County Hospital.

Mrs Topp lost her right leg in a road traffic accident in 1989.

Recovering at her Upwey home, Mrs Topp said: “They told me I was very lucky. Children could have been killed in the accident in my opinion so I think we were all lucky. My leg is badly bruised and swollen. I’m still shaking thinking about what happened.”

Mrs Topp visited the show with her son Neil, his wife Chris and their son Daryll.

Recalling the drama, she said: “I heard people shouting ‘Get out of the way.’ I thought it was part of the show and was expecting Titan the robot to appear.

“Then I saw the tractor. It was going away from me but it must have hit a stone or something as it suddenly veered towards me and pushed me into the stalls where all the display items came down on top of me. I tipped over and that’s all I can remember.”

Mrs Topp said she was glad she was in a robust scooter as it softened the impact.

Family members and others rushed to help Mrs Topp who was trapped underneath her scooter and the tractor.

Police said the owner of the tractor, from Abbotsbury, was not present when the accident happened.

A Dorset Police spokesman said: “Police and the family of Mrs Topp would like to thank everyone who assisted her including an off-duty doctor and paramedic.”

A South Western Ambulance Service spokesman said: “The tractor miraculously missed loads and loads of people.

“It did not roll over and the woman suffered only minor injuries.”

Speaking at the scene, Inspector Les Fry of Dorchester Police said: “It looks like it was just an accident but we are investigating. We had a tractor roll away and it knocked a lady off her mobility scooter.”

Insp Fry added: “Fortunately, the emergency services were on site and were able to respond efficiently and promptly.”

Show secretary Sam Mackenzie-Green said: “I have spoken to the family and it’s really good that Mrs Topp is home and doing fine.”

She added: “When you are going to entertain this many people something like that can always happen.

“We do various incident planning exercises throughout the year and it’s good to know the system works.

“The stewards were fantastic and for a team of volunteers it really is a credit to them that they can handle things like that.”

Mrs Mackenzie-Green said the tractors were moved to a different location within an hour of the accident and organisers will take the safety aspects on board for next year.