HOW’S this for size? Little Benjamin Aplin Webb tries to lift this giant pumpkin grown in Dorset.

Two-year-old Benjamin, from Maiden Newton, was among the visitors aghast at the size of the vegetable which broke the show record at the National Gardening Show at the Royal Bath and West Showground, near Shepton Mallett, Somerset.

The pumpkin, which weighs in at 548.8kg, was grown by Frank Baggs and his son Mark.

The Wareham farmers first visited the show in 2004 and were so gobsmacked at the size of entries in the championships they decided to give it a go themselves – with outstanding results over the last few years.

Benjamin visited the show with his dad Dave Aplin, a botanist, who was at the showground in his capacity as a national dahlia judge.

Dr Aplin said: “It was a colossal size, and nice to know it was grown in Dorset too.

“Dahlia blooms have been known to get 15 inches across but the dimensions are nothing like this beast.

“Benjamin was really taken with it.

“There was no way he could shift it.”