CALLS have been made for security to be stepped up on Olympic sites on Portland.

Portland Town Council members Jenny Collinge and Sylvia Bradley are among those with concerns.

Coun Bradley, chairman of the council’s 2012 sub-committee, said: “I think they definitely need to tighten up security. It is a big issue.

“Our marine police are good but a lot of funding and emphasis has gone towards the security in London.

“There should be as much emphasis down here where it is much more open and probably easier to get to the Olympic site than in London.

“The Government needs to look at protecting Weymouth and Portland and Dorset as much as London.”

Coun Collinge has been calling for the authorities to increase security and consider closing roads next to the homes on Officers Field to limit the chance of explosives being thrown into or car bombs being driven next to the site.

She called for security to be ‘pepped up’ in time for the events.

“The police are going to have to go from house to house and check that he’s not put something under them for a later date.

“They need to check that he’s not scattered something that’s going to lie dormant for 18 months. I’m not saying he is a terrorist but he could be. It’s possible.”

Clive Chamberlain, chairman of the Dorset Police Federation, believes the case highlights the need for more money to be invested in the preparation of the games. He has been calling for more funding for Dorset Police to aid security.

He said: “This just shows how easy it is for people to make their way into areas where they shouldn’t be.

“At least it’s been detected.

“But we need to be open to the potential of this and the potential of those not being there benignly and being there for an alternative motive.”

He added: “It highlights that there are people working in areas and sensitive things that could potentially have an impact on compromising safety.”

Early last year fire service chief officer Darran Gunter warned that Dorset needed more than £1million extra cash before 2012 to meet health and security risks.

He said that Dorset faced the highest risk levels outside London.