A CHILDREN’S charity is warning Dorchester residents about unlicensed collectors they claim are knocking on doors.

The chairman of the Dorchester Opportunity Group, Kate Hebditch, said that unlicensed door-to-door callers in the county town have been claiming they are collecting for the pre-school for disabled children.

She said these door knockers may be genuine people looking to raise cash for the charity but they should come forward if that is the case.

Ms Hebditch said: “Somebody has been making a door-to-door collection in the area, which they say is for the Dorchester Opportunity Group.

“As this collection is unlicensed and could be a case of fraud, the group has had no alternative but to report this to the police.

“We do not condone unlicensed collecting and ask that anyone who is approached by charity collectors asks to see identification.

“If the Dorchester Opportunity Group does make a door-to-door collection at some point in the future, we will announce it in the press and provide collectors with the proper licences.”

Ms Hebditch added that it is possible that this is a ‘well meaning person’ who is intending to give the money to the group, but unlicensed street collections are illegal and could jeopardise other fundraising attempts.

The Dorchester Opportunity Group recently had to put it ‘One In A Million’ campaign on hold to build a new centre for children with disabilities because of lack of funding after only £10,000 was raised.

Despite experiencing problems with funding, members say they are focusing on the current centre at Maiden Castle Road and raising cash to improve the service it already provides.

Inspector Les Fry of Dorchester Police said: “No reports have been received by us at this time however if this matter is reported we would investigate it and deal with it appropriately.”