A ROYAL Marine based at Bovington who set off on a coast-to-coast run across the United States has finally completed the 3,530-mile challenge.

Corporal Lloyd Fenner, 30, was part of a six-man team who completed the course inspired by the film Forrest Gump to raise cash for three services charities.

He is now urging people to donate generously to help those wounded servicemen who have to complete what he describes as ‘a marathon every day’ as they struggle to get on with their day-to-day life.

Cpl Fenner said it was absolutely fantastic to be back home.

He said: “It’s a feeling of relief that we’ve completed what we set out to do.

“The main message I have is that we have done nothing here that any able-bodied person with a little mental strength and good sense of humour could not do if they put their minds to it.

“Every single day is a marathon for the people we are trying to help.

“They are truly the real heroes.

“If it would bring back the friends I have lost I would turn around now and run all the way back.”

He added that he was urging people to make a donation.

Cpl Fenner said: “Go on to the website and look at the people we are trying to help.

“We can show them our support by giving as little or as much as possible.

“I would like to say a massive thank-you to everyone who has followed us and donated so far.”

Cpl Fenner and his fighting-fit team left New York City in September and they crossed the finish line on Santa Monica Pier.

It took the team, made up of five British servicemen and one American marine, 63 days to finish the challenge.

Each member completed approximately 30 miles a day over the eight-week period.

The final figure raised is yet to be counted but the team – including Dorset-based marine Jamie Jobson from Hamworthy – hoped to raise £1m for the Royal Marine Charitable Trust Fund and Help for Heroes in the UK and The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund in the US.

Colour Sergeant Damian Todd of the Royal Marines organised the fundraiser after a close friend of his, Mark Ormrod, was left with serious permanent disabilities following his time in Afghanistan.

He became the first triple amputee of the Afghan war but despite his injuries he was one of the team members and helped the group to complete the challenge. To make a donation or to read their online blog, visit www.thegumpathon.com