RESIDENTS are up in arms about a historic name being given to a new crossroads when one of the same name already exists.

They say Dorset County Council should have checked its records before deciding that the former Westham Roundabout should be called ‘Westham Crossroads.’ Once work to install intelligent traffic lights is completed, the new junction will take up the name, which residents claim has belonged to the junction of Abbotsbury Road and Chickerell Road since before the Second World War.

Honorary Alderman Andy Hutchings and private hire taxi driver Eddie Hawkins are leading the call for ‘the real Westham Crossroads’ to retain its name.

Mr Hawkins said: “I would like to highlight the incompetence of Dorset County Council in giving a name to an area that already exists in another location at the other end of Abbotsbury Road.

“This is a historical name in Weymouth and we’re going to fight to keep it.

“We could not stop the council ruining our trade with their road works, but we are not going to let them change our history.”

Mr Hawkins said the original Westham Crossroads was documented in local history books and on the Weymouth and Portland Borough Council website. There was a Westham Crossroads Allotments Association situated nearby and the First Weymouth bus, X53, timetables a Westham Crossroads stop.

He added: “This moving of the name will cause great confusion, and dare I say distress to people with difficulties.”

Honorary Alderman Mr Hutchings, 63, of Westham said: “I’ve grown up in Weymouth all my life and it’s always been known as Westham Crossroads.

“This is changing local history and it’s a great shame.

“The county council hasn’t checked the historical records and they should certainly do more research before renaming somewhere.”

Historian Debby Rose, author of the book Westham Over The Bridge Of Time, said the original site was heavily bombed during the Second World War.

She said: “That’s where they had a depot for the wardens and several bombs fell on August 11 1940 on Ivy Bank Villas and a woman and her baby were pulled from the rubble.

“So it has been known as Westham Crossroads for at least 70 years.

“I imagine some of the older residents will be up in arms about it being renamed.

“My 19-year-old daughter calls it that as well, so it’s not just the older generation.”

A Dorset County Council spokesperson said: “The official name of the new junction at Westham, once the work is complete, will be Westham Crossroads.

“Our records show that there is no other junction with this name.

“We have now spoken with colleagues at First and they have agreed to change the name of the bus stop ‘Westham Crossroads’ to avoid any confusion.”