VANDALS have sprayed ‘obscene’ graffiti across a minibus used by adults with learning disabilities.

The white Ford Transit van belonging to the Sunrise Gateway Club was daubed with what the owners said appeared to be an ‘obscene image’ that was spotted by a passing policeman.

The minibus is used to transport adults with learning disabilities to a weekly activities club and is also used to take them on holiday each year.

It offers many their only chance to get out of their homes each week.

Shirley Snell, the club treasurer, said: “It was what appeared to me to be an obscene image. It did make me angry and it will upset the members.”

The image, thought to be of male genitalia, was quickly cleaned off.

Mrs Snell picks up the club members from Weymouth, Dorchester, Portland and Charminster in the 17-seater minibus for the weekly get-together.

A total of 70 members meet up at the Park Church Centre in Chelmsford Street, Weymouth, every Thursday evening.

The bus has also been used to take them on holiday to Butlins and Blackpool this year.

Residents said the orange spraypaint found on the van in Lyndhurst Road is the same as other graffiti on Alexandra Bridge.

Mrs Snell said members have already been asking about what has happened to the bus.

She said: “It’s so pointless and a shame and our members are really upset. I wish whoever did it would realise what they are doing.”

Mrs Snell and her husband held fundraising events to raise the £19,000 to pay for the van three years ago.

However, soon after it was bought vandals ripped off its sign.

Mrs Snell added: “This is the second time it’s been vandalised.

“We work hard to get our members a club to go to and transport because it helps those that can’t get their on their own.

“The bus is important.”

Club chairman Carol Grant said members save their money up every week to keep the bus going because, for some of them, it is their only chance to get out.

She said: “With the bus being sprayed in graffiti all the members have been upset, not just one person. It’s just so cruel as they love their little bus.”

The bus was sprayed in Lyndhurst Road sometime during the night of Tuesday, November 23 and the early hours of Wednesday, November 24.

PC Mike Green, of Weymouth police, said: “This bus is a valuable resource to the Sunrise Gateway Club and the community.

“I am appealing for anyone who witnessed the criminal damage caused to both the van and the bridge to contact me as soon as possible.

“I would also like to speak with anyone who has information about those responsible.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact PC Green on 01305 222222.