FISH and chips cook Shaun Hatton spent the day working alongside celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall outside the Houses of Parliament.

The manager from the Marlboro in Weymouth was called on to help the TV chefs in their bid to showcase more sustainable fish and persuade MPs to change the laws on fishing quotas that cause waste.

Shaun was busy serving 300 of his new mackerel baps to cabinet ministers but did get a quick chance to see the Queen visiting Westminster Abbey during plans for her grandson Prince William’s wedding next year.

The Weymouth chef was roped into the trip to London after impressing River Cottage Chef Fearnley-Whittingstall with his new baps on Weymouth quay.

And his mackerel went down a storm with Jamie Oliver too.

Shaun said: “I saw the Queen going into Westminster Abbey but I didn’t get close enough to ask if she wanted a bap.

“Hugh introduced me to Jamie and he said he wanted to try the mackerel so I gave it to him with the spicy apple and walnut chutney.

“Jamie said the mackerel was absolutely brilliant. He said it was magnificent.

“And he said when he comes to Weymouth he’s going to come and see me so I said if he does come I’ll give him some mushy peas as well.”

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall set up the food vans outside Westminster Abbey for Hugh’s Fish Fight, his TV programme to be aired in January.

The Axminster-based chef is campaigning for MPs and MEPs to change the Common Fisheries Policy, which he believes results in half of many catches having to be thrown back dead.

Shaun said cabinet ministers and passers-by all took advantage of the offer of free food from him, the two TV chefs and River Cottage head chef Tim Maddams.

For more information on Hugh’s Fish Fight and to sign his petition go to