THE man who once claimed to be the saviour of Weymouth Football Club surfaced on a daytime television show yesterday with his wife and mistress.

Stephen Beer took part in a series of angry exchanges on ITV’s Jeremy Kyle Show.

The Torquay businessman pulled out of a deal with Weymouth Football Club two years ago after he had claimed that he was representing a consortium which included nine other investors from the South West, although he refused to name them.

Appearing on the daytime chat show on Wednesday, Mr Beer sat between his wife of ten years and his mistress.

The subject of the trio’s appearance was titled: ‘I’m your husband’s mistress and I’ll prove I’m not cheating on him.’ During the show Mr Beer admitted he failed a lie detector test regarding his affair and at times shouted at host Jeremy Kyle.

He also kept repeating that ‘we all make mistakes’.

In March 2009 Mr Beer angered Weymouth FC fans after pulling out of a deal at the last minute when the club was about to go into administration.

He stated that he got ‘cold feet’ over the deal after suffering a stroke and admitted owing £20,000 in personal and business debts and also to HM Revenue and Customs.

At the time he ran a contract cleaning firm and said he was unable to fulfil his promises.

He said he feared his financial situation would leave him unable to continue renting his home.

The club’s former chief executive Gary Calder confirmed the cheque presented by Mr Beer was refused by the bank.