DRINKERS and pub staff are raising a glass to two bar workers who are set to have a life-changing African adventure.

Merryn James, 19, and Stacey Hobday, 25, who work at the Nothe Tavern in Weymouth, are travelling to Ghana to volunteer at orphanages and day centres.

The trip, organised by Projects Abroad, will see the pair depart in August for Accra, where they will live and work for six weeks.

They will immerse themselves in the community and culture while they live in the home of a Ghanian family and take part in a variety of roles including teaching, care giving and offering emotional support.

Pub owner James Parsons, 41, said customers and staff at the Barrack Road pub are all backing Merryn and Stacey.

He said: “I’m very proud of them and the customers are too.

“We are excited about what they are doing and have been supporting all the fund-raising.

“It’s very easy working in a pub to not think about what else is going on, but you have to give something back.”

Pub staff have been long term supporters of the Weldmar Hospicecare Trust and the RNLI.

This isn’t the first time that Merryn has volunteered her services abroad.

She spent a month in Costa Rica working on a sloth rescue project.

Merryn said: “Having the opportunity to help in these projects and causes is so rewarding.”

Workers at the pub have also been involved in sky diving for an Alzheimer’s charity.

James said: “When we did the sky dive for Alzheimer’s, it touched a few hearts because a few of our customers have relatives with Alzheimer’s.

“They’ve always been very generous in their contributions to anything the pub has supported.”

Merryn and Stacey, both from Weymouth, held a quiz night at the pub to raise cash for the trip.

Stacey said: “Although I think this experience will be very hard-going emotionally, I am very excited to be part of such a life-changing and rewarding project.”

They have been nicknamed ‘Stars at the Bar’ by their proud boss.

James added: “We are very proud of our staff and will fully support them in all areas of their life.

“These fundraisers give all our employees great purpose and generate a real air of excitement.

“We find it helps with their personal confidence, which then benefits our business, by improving our customer service.”