A MAN involved in a car smash on the A35 claims there were no signs to help motorists through the roadworks.

Construction engineer Mathew Sparrow, 34, from Bridport was on his way to work in Litton Cheney when he was in collision with another car – driven by his cousin Claire Middleton.

Mr Sparrow said the contraflow system was very confusing.

He said: “That morning was the first time I’d driven through the roadworks.

“The first turning to Litton Cheney was blocked. I came to the second and even though a policeman said in the paper it was well signposted, it wasn’t.

“On the turning I was going to use, the cones were not in the central reservation area and I pulled into there to swing around and head across the road.

“There wasn’t any signposts at any point – the other witnesses could verify that. If all the signs and cones had been in place properly this accident would not have happened. Even my cousin said it was very confusing.”

Mr Sparrow was thrown from his car and thinks his seatbelt might not have been secured properly.

He said when he was picked up from hospital the layout had been changed and there were signs.

He added: “It was a mad accident which shouldn’t have happened.

“The doctors in the hospital said they’d had five in the last week or so.”

Irene Porter, 86, of Litton Cheney also criticised the poor signs.

She said: “Last Friday I had an appointment at Dorchester Hospital. I had a driver and when we got to Long Bredy Hut it was really thick fog and there were three men standing over the road.

“They signalled us to turn left but there should have been a sign to say no right turn and one at the bottom of the hill saying the same. You had to turn left and then you had to go an awful long way to be able to get back to the A35.”

Carly Parsons, 23, from Bridport, was traumatised after seeing the crash.

She said: “Both cars were in flames.

“I can’t believe no one was seriously injured, it was just a miracle.

“It was traumatic to see.”

Miss Parsons said more should be done to curb speed on what is a dangerous stretch of road.

“I asked the police why they don’t put cameras up there and they say you need to have so many crashes in the area to warrant having them.

“Is it going to take someone losing their life for them to do something about it? ”

Diversions 'were clearly signed'

A spokesman from the Highways Agency said: “An overnight contraflow and diversions were put in place on the A35 trunk road near Long Bredy to enable contractors to carry out emergency pavement maintenance works.

“Due to an unrelated accident that occurred during the middle of the day on that stretch of road, and which caused a fire on the carriageway, the contraflow and diversions had to remain in place during the day, as well as overnight.

“The contraflow and diversions were clearly signed throughout the duration of the works.

“If road users have any concerns or enquiries regarding these works, they should contact the Highways Agency on 0300 123 5000 or email ha_info@ highways.gsi.gov.uk Resurfacing highways is an important part of maintaining road safety.”