AN angry teenager has hit out at thieves who took his motorbike.

Darren Vincent, 17, from Pound Piece on Portland woke up Wednesday morning to find that his black pit bike had been taken from outside his house.

The bike was found on old hill and various pieces were found round the New Road and Old Hill area.

Darren had to call Weymouth College, where he is studying, to say he couldn’t get in to class and spent the day tracking down bits of his bike.

He said: “Most of the electronics at the front have come off and it will have to be re-wired. The back indicator, handlebars, front brake and gear leaver have been wrecked.

“They must’ve been riding it round for a while as they burnt various bits out.”

He added: “It doesn’t feel right to drive. I rode it down the road to test it and the handlebars are bent.

“It feels weird riding it because I know someone’s stolen it and ridden it.”

The motorbike was a Christmas present and Darren used it to go to college and to work at Tesco. He had also been using it to get groceries for his grandma who has recently broken her ankle.

The crime was reported to Dorset Police.

Darren said: “My neighbour saw two lads outside the house at about 2.30am.

"I told the police but they didn’t seem to do much about it except tell me where it had been found and said I should pick it up.”

He added: “The police aren’t doing anything, I’m really angry about it.”

Darren said that he was angry at the thieves.

He said: “They are not good people, how can they nick a bike like that.

“They dumped it just before Fortuneswell. They had brains because they dumped it so they wouldn’t get caught on CCTV going through there.”

Ali Bethell from Full Throttle Motorcycles said that she had heard of several bike thefts recently and was unimpressed by Dorset Police’s response.

She said: “I just don’t know why the police seem to ignore these thefts. There has to be more that they could do. They can’t tell people to go and recover their own stolen property.”

She added: “I know the police are really busy and it’s hard for them but there has to be more they could do.

“People need to be aware of the bike thefts and make sure that they lock their bikes away securely at night.”