POLICE were called out to the Marsh playing fields in Weymouth after a couple were spotted having sex in full view of children playing football.

Children as young as seven were playing football and even younger children were with their families on the sidelines as the pair starting engaging in full sexual intercourse at just after 10am yesterday.

The incident took place behind a a container shed near the car park but the couple were still in full view to the children playing six-a-side football on the pitches nearby.

Two police cars were called to the scene and the offenders were taken away by officers.

Amanda Napier, whose son was playing for Bridport under nines, said: “They walked across and ended up behind the container.

“They did a few sexual acts and ended up having sex. It must have been about 10.15am, there were kids out on the pitch here and they all saw it.

“They were all stopping their kick-about and looking at them.

“You could see absolutely everything and we were obviously concerned.”

Her husband Russell, who was refereeing in one of the games, said: “The police were called as soon as they exposed certain areas of their bodies. It was visible to all the kids unfortunately and wasn’t very pleasant.”

Andrew Phillips, the coach of Weymouth Cougars under eights, called the police.

He said: “There was this couple obviously cavorting in the corner and there were a lot of young kids around. It’s not something you want the kids to see.”

Mr Phillips praised the swift response from the police who arrived and took the couple away. Another parent, who did not wish to be named, said he believed the couple were in their mid-20s and were obviously drunk.

He said: “I was amazed that there were able to be that drunk at that time in the morning.

“It’s not very good for all the kids, the boys were just stood there looking and had to be told by their coach to get on with the football.

“It’s not a very good example.”

He added that he hoped they were dealt with strongly by the police to deter others from committing similar offences, but doubted that would be the case.

He said: “It will happen again and again until they start doing something properly, not a slap on the wrists and a small fine or something.”

A spokesman for Dorset Police confirmed that officers had been called to an incident at the Marsh playing fields at around 10.30am yesterday.