THE red-faced boss of a Weymouth-based debt advice organisation has revealed a heavy industrial iron was not stolen after all.

Ian Lambert, founder of the not-for-profit organisation HS4B, told of his anger in the Echo yesterday after a machine left outside his fundraising shop in Portland Road at Wyke Regis disappeared.

He called the police because he thought the machine, a flatwork iron he bought on the internet, had been stolen.

It had been left outside the shop for a week and was to be picked up by a scrap merchant.

Now Mr Lambert, pictured right, has discovered that one of his team actually sold the iron to a customer without his knowledge.

Mr Lambert said he was ‘very relieved’ but also ‘hugely embarrassed.’ He said the police had been informed.

Mr Lambert said: “I saw it the night before outside the shop but I had been away for a few days before that so wasn’t aware that discussions had taken place and one of my helpers had arranged a sale.

“When I saw it was gone the next morning I just assumed it had been stolen.

“I didn’t think for a moment that someone would buy it.

“I am afraid it is red faces all round.”