A SIX-ACRE site in Winfrith, originally constructed to develop prototype nuclear reactors, is undergoing a public consultation to determine its future.

A series of exhibition roadshows are gathering ideas for the Dorset Green Technology Park, the former UK atomic energy authority (UKAEA) site which is currently used as a low-carbon business park.

The aim of the consultation is to build on feedback gathered during a similar exercise in 2008, to attract more people to the site, determine the best way to grow and develop it over the next few years, create more jobs, improve transport links, make the site as greener and benefit the local area. Darren Sanders, spokesman for the ZOG Brownfield Ventures group, said: “The people who run Dorset Green Technology Park are holding a series of public consultations in villages around the place to ask people for their thoughts about how the site can be developed over the next few years.

“It flows on from a previous exercise conducted in 2008, which gave a general idea of how things could go.

“Obviously things have changed since then and we’re asking people from the villages around the Dorset Green site what they want now.”

Roadshow exhibitions have so far been held at village halls in Wool, East Burton, Winfrith and Crossways.

Mr Sanders added: “So far people have been saying that far more jobs are needed for local people, there is also the issue of housing in the area, particularly affordable housing.

“A wide range of types of businesses could go on the site, people said they would like to see more science and technology-based companies and certainly more green and environmentally-based businesses on site.

“They’ve been coming up with imaginative ways to improve transport links, such as green buses, having a railway halt on site.

“Our job is to have these roadshows over the summer then go away and look at what’s practical and can be done.

“We’re showing people the general conclusions from the previous exercise, offering up ideas and asking them questions about key issues.

“This is part of an ongoing process, we want to work with local people to see what sort of direction and types of business they want.

“The general idea is to attract more people and see how we can grow and develop the site over the next few years, create even more jobs to the site, improve transport links and make the site as green as possible.

“Our goal is to improve things on site and the surrounding area.”

Forthcoming exhibitions will be held at Wool Carnival on June 25 and in Bovington on June 30.