A BUILDER says his livelihood has been affected by thieves who broke into his van and stole all his tools.

Wayne Paice, owner of Wayne Paice Carpentry and Building Services, said he had been left £3,000 out of pocket after his van was targeted in an overnight raid in Fordington, Dorchester.

The 27-year-old said thieves smashed the passenger window of his van and climbed over the seat to steal tools from the back.

He said they made off with a nail gun, a router, two sets of cordless drills, an SDS drill, jig-saw, circular saw, digital camera, drill bits, chisels and hand tools.

Mr Paice, who lives in Fordington and has run his business since 2004, said: “I normally take the tools in and this is the first time in seven years trading that I’ve left anything in the van overnight.

“They have smashed the passenger window and the seat had been folded down so they must have climbed through.”

Mr Paice said the theft meant he was unable to work because he had no tools and the price of repairing and cleaning his vehicle also left him counting the cost.

He said: “It’s gutting because they are taking your livelihood and you have got to take into account the loss of earnings.

“I have also had to pay for a new window and if you take into account the power tools, the loss of earnings and the new window it will probably cost the best part of £3,000.”

Mr Paice said he was still in discussions with his insurance company over what costs might be covered.

The van was parked in Fordington High Street when the theft occurred on the night of Tuesday June 21.

Mr Paice said it happened some time between 9.30pm and 7.30am the following morning when he next checked the van.

He said he was hoping someone might have noticed something on the night or has any information relating to the weherabouts of his tools.

Witnesses to the break in, or anyone with information, are asked to contact Dorchester Police on 01305 222222.