MORE than 60 people turned out to protest against the eviction of a family on Portland.

Neighbours and friends of the Naylor family held a peaceful protest outside the family’s former home at Pound Piece in Weston yesterday.

They held homemade banners to show their support for Paul and Julie Naylor and their three young children who were given a court order to leave their housing association home by midday.

The court order branded the house as a ‘base for anti-social behaviour’ and identified Paul Naylor’s 16-year-old son, Anders, as the source of anti-social behaviour affecting the community since his brother Michael was imprisoned for committing grievous bodily harm on a man on Portland a year ago.

Neither Anders or Michael live at the property and supporters say it is unfair to ‘victimise’ the family because of their behaviour. The Naylor family moved out over the weekend and bailiffs took possession of the house before it is returned to Synergy Housing.

Paul Naylor’s sister Angela Gale said that what the family had been through was a form of victimisation which had split them apart.

She said: “I feel rock bottom. You get to the bottom rung of the ladder and you can’t reach it to get back up and that’s how I feel.

“We want to say to people – make sure you’re not the next on the list.”

She added: “People aren’t listening to the truth, they are listening to what they want to hear.”

Mrs Gale added that the family didn’t have anywhere to stay.

She said: “The family has just split into pieces. They have nowhere to go.”

Peaceful-protest organiser Roxanne Naylor said: “Without a doubt we feel victimised.

“I just hope the police and the housing association are happy with what they have done. They have split up a loving family.”

She added: “The family are nowhere. They could be sleeping in a tent tonight. It makes you feel sick.”

Anders Naylor made a phone call to his family to show his support. He is currently living in Bournemouth, where his family say he has turned a corner and is starting a new life.

He said: “Leave my family alone. They have done nothing wrong, don’t bring them into it.”

Neighbour Sam Tucker, 36, said the Naylor’s had been great neighbours.

She said: “I think it’s wrong. I can’t stand injustice. I think them being evicted is so wrong.”

'Decision based on evidence'

A SPOKESMAN for Synergy Housing said: “A judge made the decision in the Weymouth County Court and granted Synergy Housing a full possession order. This was based on evidence in court.”

He added: “The Naylor family was advised that they needed to vacate the property by midday on July 26. “The court bailiff will then go to the property to obtain possession after the deadline.

“Once the property is secured the bailiffs will give possession to representatives from Synergy Weymouth and Portland Housing.”

A spokesman for Dorset Police said that officers attended the area at 10.30am.

He said: “As always we will facilitate people’s right to peaceful protest.”