IRRESPONSIBLE anglers and beach goers are being accused of spoiling a world famous beauty spot.

Nappies, disposable barbecues and beer cans have been found on Chesil Beach.

Local anglers are accusing visitors who come to fish of leaving up to 25 bags worth of rubbish each week.

A Marine Conservation Society survey found 75 per cent of litter that volunteers working out of Chesil Beach Centre collect each week relates to fishing.

Warden of Chesil and Fleet Nature Reserve, Don Moxom, believes young anglers were the root cause of one of the biggest ongoing projects they were involved with.

He said: “It’s not unusual that a group of young men fishing over night bring food and drinks and a few cans of beer and have a good time, but when they go they leave their litter behind and that is a typical scenario.”

He added: “We pick up an average of 20-25 bags of litter and the majority of it is left by anglers.

“We have carried out a survey over a number of years. No doubt about it at least 75 per cent of the litter that’s collected relates directly to angling.”

Ken Deadman who fishes off the beach as a hobby was left disgusted by the rubbish he found on the beach.

The Tesco superstore cleaner said: “People are not carrying their waste home. It’s just disgusting all along the beach. I’ve just been fishing and the amount of rubbish is ridiculous.

“The problem has been getting worse over the last couple of weeks. I know a lot of fisherman and they take their stuff home, it’s got to be someone on holiday, they just don’t care about the area.

“I spoke to one fisherman and he said someone had left a nappy on the beach.”

The 64,-year-old Portlander urged anglers to take their rubbish home as well as litter pick after their fishing sessions.

Manager of Weymouth Angling Centre, Mark Mockridge, said it was a problem that had been going on for many years but which got worse during the summer months.

He said: “It’s a problem that’s always ongoing. This time of year it gets quite bad with holidaymakers and day trippers. I’ve seen burnt out disposable barbeques left on the beach.

“Some people are very good and take stuff home but others leave it around on the beach this time of year.”

He added: “I’d just encourage people to take their rubbish home. If they can a carry down the beach they can carry it home. They wouldn’t do it anywhere else, why do it on the beach?”