FINED drivers have warned others not to use the Old Town East and West car park – or at least keep the Parking ticket as evidence.

Holidaymaker David Brimson is adamant he paid the right amount and is currently refusing to pay a charge, which has now increased to £120.

Mr Brimson, 50, from Oxfordshire, said he tried to pay for two hours but the machine issued him with a ticket for only one hour.

Fortunately for Mr Brimson, Coun Christine James was in the car park and warned him of the problems other drivers had experienced.

Mr Brimson, a renal technician at a hospital in Oxford, went into the town centre but returned to his car within the hour to put extra time on his ticket.

He is adamant he returned again well within the time limit, but was ‘stunned’ to receive a charge in the post.

He said: “I didn’t keep my ticket – who keeps a parking ticket for two weeks?

“I’m very angry about it and if it comes to it I will take a county court order against the company because I’m adamant I paid the right money.

“It’s very sly and underhand because you get something in the post a couple of weeks after, by which time you have thrown away your ticket. It’s bully boy tactics.”

Peter Morley, from Minehead, Somerset, paid his fine but insists he did not go over the time limit.

The retired 63-year-old said: “We are adamant we paid for four hours and when we got back to the car we still had about eight minutes to go.

“But they threaten you so badly in their letters that I paid mine because I couldn’t risk it going on and on.

“With the Olympics coming, how many more people will get caught out in that place? It’s doing the town no favours.”

Parking Eye said Mr Morley paid for only three hours.

A spokesman said: “Peter Morley overstayed by 18 minutes.”

Weymouth resident Roger Lovell admits he went 12 minutes over his time limit and paid the fine, but Parking Eye continued to demand payment. Retired Mr Lovell, 62, of Coombe Avenue, said: “I thought the fine was a bit excessive for 12 minutes.

“But I did pay almost straight away but I still got a letter from them saying if you don’t pay, legal proceedings will be taken against you.

“I sent them an email asking them to confirm they have been paid and I got an email back two or three days later confirming my payment.

“I did get worried when the second letter came.”

Diver Simon Brown, from Hampshire, successfully appealed against a charge and is warning others to keep their ticket.

He said: “For reasons best known to themselves, and in spite of handing over my money, Parking Eye have issued a parking charge to the tune of £90, discounted to £60 for early payment.

“Keep your purchased ticket at all costs – just in case.”

Nicholas Bowler, from Oxfordshire, and his father-in-law Alan King have successfully appealed their charges because they kept their tickets.

Mr Bowler said: “We were both very lucky that we still had our parking tickets because we would not have a leg to stand on.

The Parking Eye spokesman said: “We have a fair appeals procedure for anyone who feels they have been incorrectly charged. The other cases reported had their charges cancelled.”