A LEAP on to a moving boat marked the moment when a Weymouth man fell for his future wife.

When teenager Joan Seymour jumped into the vessel skippered by budding yachtsman Brian Wilkins in 1958, he realised this girl was ‘definitely the one’ for him.

Their relationship has grown as they have navigated their way through the waters of life and today they celebrate 50 years of marriage.

To celebrate their golden milestone, Brian and Joan, who live in Old castle Road, Weymouth, are holidaying at a favourite spot in Devon.

Joan was a friend of Brian’s sister but did not properly meet him until she attended the Portland Fair. Brian recalls saying to his sister Rosemary: “Go and ask your funny friend to come.”

Brian, 77, who worked at Southern Electric for 43 years, said: “I had a little motor boat and the engine wouldn’t stop. My sister and Joan were on the wall so I told them to jump.

“My sister didn’t but Joan did and that’s when I knew she was the one for me.”

The couple, who have lived at their Rodwell home all their married lives, are proud to have been part of Castle Cove Sailing Club for the last 60 years where they are now honorary members.

Their nautical relationship has seen many sailing achievements, including America’s Cup racing.

Even on their wedding day in 1961, they took to the waters of Weymouth Harbour to travel from Holy Trinity Church to their reception.

The pair have two daughters Sandra and Andrea, and four grandchildren who they are proud to go sailing with.

Joan, 71, said: “We spend such a lot of time together, you could say we are like best friends.”